Annual report – 2023

Theme 1 – Natural adaptation to climate change

Potential and future habitat suitability for Codling Moth

Pest species catalog

The pest atlas is a list of species which are of particular interest to our stakeholders. For each pest a range shift prediction is being computed and an accompanying pest overview page describing the pest and how a changing climate is expected to affect it.

This is an example for the Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella)

Upcoming: Github repository

Species range shift model

A novel approach to stage based modeling of population growth through life stage survival tracking

Interim results are visible in the Barracuda Data Dashboard, below

Carya Ovata (Shagbark Hickory) Range shift at 2000, 2050, and 2100
Preliminary, example output of the Crop physiology and Soil-water balance model

Crop physiology and Soil-Water balance model

A port to Python of the Excel spreadsheet model Modeling Physiology of Crop Development, Growth and Yield (2012) Soltani & Sinclair

The port is being validated against the spreadsheet outputs for a single location before running over a bounded geospatial extent for new crop types in a future with a changing climate.

Interim results are visible in the Barracuda Data Dashboard, below

Upcoming: Github repository

Theme 2 – Human adaptation to climate change

Theme 3 – Spatiotemporal data and models

Spacetime is available on Github

SpaceTime library

SpaceTime is a code library which takes the grunt work out of working with datasets with different spatial sampling, geospatial projections, and temporal sampling. It is offered as both an R library and a Python library.

It is available on Github

You can read the documentation, Vignettes, some history, and behind the scenes info here:

The Barracuda Dashboard

The dashboard will hold most, if not all, of the datasets which are produced by the Barracuda team. It allows a user to explore and visualize the data in an intuitive way. It currently has the following interim data products:

  • Pest atlas – Theme 1
  • Crop model – Theme 1
  • Species range shift – Theme 1
  • Crop switching – Theme 2

Just the tip of the iceberg of the Barracuda Data Visualization Dashboard

Theme 4 – Outreach and communication

A set of data science learning resources

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Data Management and Wrangling
  • Visualization
  • Statistical Analysis

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